TwentyTwenty (Australia) is a family-owned business established in 1990's. Founded by Mr and Mrs Thiam and Sharon Yap. They started operations as a family owned Asian and Australian grocer in the popular and cosmopolitan suburb of Glen Waverley in Melbourne Australia. Thiam would often have very early starts buying fresh produce at the Melbourne wholesale market for their grocery store. They were also delivering quality products to many of Melbourne top restaurants so while Sharon was often managing the store and staff, Thiam would be meeting many restaurant owners to sell his quality products. During this time they somehow managed to find time to open a small noodle restaurant for a few years in Melbourne this no doubt honed their skills at knowing what type of quality products the customer wants.

They both identified a market in selling top quality Australian groceries to markets overseas particularly to the growing Asian middle class market. They are meeting many potential Australian suppliers and now have agreements with a number of top quality producers of the type of groceries they wish to export. Their boutique range of Olive Oil, Honey, Jams, Peanut Butter, Spreads and Sauces are superior in quality. These products comply to high Australian Standards of Manufacturing. You will be pleasantly suprised by their product taste & quality.They have made sure all the suppliers and manufacturers comply to the strict Australian quality standards.

They have also purchased a large and modern warehouse in the Melbourne suburb of Heatherton which provides the logistics they require for quick delivery to the ports or from suppliers. Their priority is to export the very best Australian groceries in the very best condition. To guarantee this, they have established efficient warehousing and distribution facilities. The warehouse contains about 100 products.


Some Photos of our warehouse

warehouse warehouse